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About Datia

Madhya Pradesh is known for its forests, forts, royalty and incredibly rich history which make it count amongst one of the most beautiful states of India. The city of Datia, which takes a lion’s share in the history and heritage of Madhya Pradesh, is located in the Gwalior Division. Situated about 69 km from the city of Gwalior, the town of Datia is its District Headquarters. An ancient town that finds its origins in Mahabharata, then known as Daityavakra, it has in its borders some of the most beautiful temples in the region that attract a large number of pilgrims and tourists.

About Datia
Bir Singh Palace

History of Datia

Datia was once ruled by Bundela Rajputs. In terms of royalty it was considered next only to Orchha, and enjoyed 15-gun salute. It is said that Bir Gobind Singh of Orchha gifted the seat of Datia to his son Rao Bhagwan Rao. After the death of its first ruler Rao Bhagwan Rao in 1676, this princely state came under the control of the British. However, the Peshwas held a military control over Datia for quite some time with the brute strength of their cavalry, infantry and guns. In 1947, the Raja of Datia acceded into the dominion of India only to merge fully into the nation later on and was part of the state of Vindhya Pradesh and was later merged in the state of Madhya Pradesh in 1956. The motto of the Royal family was “Wir dalap Sharandah,” which means “Lord of the Brave Army, Giver of Refuge.”

Geography of Datia

The district of Datia lies in the Northern region of Madhya Pradesh, about 69 km from the city of Gwalior and is part of the Gwalior Division. The distance to Datia from the nation’s capital Delhi is about 400 km and from Bhopal, it is about 370 km by NH 26. The total area of the district is about 2,038 sq km. The relatively small district consists of 445 villages and three towns of Datia, Seondha and Bhander. Datia shares its borders with Bhind to the north, Gwalior to the west, Shivpuri to the south and Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh to the east. The Geographical location of Datia is 25.69°N 78.56°E and is situated at the altitude of 302 metres (990 ft.). Two rivers; Sindh and its tributary Pahuj flow through Datia district.

Physical Features of Datia
Map of Datia

Datia witnesses warm and temperate climate around the year. The hottest month is May with an average temperature of 35.4°C although the maximum temperature soars well into higher 40s in the summer, with occasional heat waves causing the mercury to shoot over 50°C. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 16.2°C. The rainfall is highest during the Monsoon season; especially in the month of August with an average rainfall of 305 mm. April is the driest month with only about 2 mm of average rainfall. The winter in Datia sees a higher rainfall than the summer.

Waterbodies in Datia

Datia benefits from Gangetic drainage system. Sindh is the main river that flows through its heartland with its tributaries such as Pahuj, Mahuar and Betwa. But it is Sindh and Pahuj that supplies water to Datia except after the onset of summer season. Datia also boasts of several lakes, among which Ramsagar Reservoir stands tall. Built in the pre-independence India at the height of 229 metres above the sea level, Ramsagar Reservoir is surrounded by hills on its east and west. The wall of the reservoir is made of earth and stands at the height of 26.8 metres. The water from this lake is used for the town of Datia.

Administration in Datia

Datia consists of three towns; Datia, Seondha and Bhander and each of the towns is the headquarters of its Tehsil. Datia has a Collector Office. The Collector is the appellate authority of Land Revenue cases. All Tehsils are headed by Tehsildars, stationed at their respective headquarters and are assisted by Additional Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars. In the villages, land and revenue records are maintained by Patwari. It has 285 Patwar Circles, 240 Panchayat Samitis, 280 Gram Panchayats and 1 Nagar Palika.

District Collector
Mr Prakash Chandra Jangre
Address:: Collector and District Magistrate Office,
Collectorate Building Civil Lines,
Datia, Madhya Pradesh, India, 475661
Phone: 07522-234100
Fax: 07522 - 233017

Languages and Literacy in Datia

Although Hindi is the most common language, several regional dialects and languages such as Khariboli, Bundeli are spoken in Datia. Khariboli is a dialect of Hindustani with influences from Hindi and Urdu. Khariboli, also known as just Khari, is believed to have been in existence since 900 – 1200 CE and is claimed to have developed alongside Avadhi. The instances of Khariboli can be found in older TV serials such as Hum Log, where the protagonists were shown to have come from Western Uttar Pradesh. The average literacy of Datia is 72.63 as per the 2011 Census with a marginal growth of 1.29 over the 2001 Census. Male literacy is at 84.20 whereas female literacy is quite low at 59.41. The number of the literate in the district is 491,445 among which 303,815 are men and 187,630 are women.

Tourist Destinations in Datia

Located at a distance of about 69km from Gwalior, Datia offers a wonderful mixture of history and spirituality to the travelers. From age old palaces, dense forests to beautiful temples, Datia has a lot of attractions to draw a large number of tourists every year. Here are some beautiful and interesting places you can visit during your trip to Datia.

Peetambara Peeth

Located at the entrance of the town of Datia, Peetambara Peeth is one the Shaktipeethas of the country, established by Pujyapad Swami in 1929. At this Peeth, which is a complex of several temples, the Vankhandeshwar temple of Lord Shiva is one of the oldest which, according to many accounts and legends, dates back to the days of Mahabharata. Peetambara Peeth is an Ashram and is also known as a place for meditation. While visiting, the visitors have to maintain the discipline and the decorum of the Peeth. It is worth remembering that leather items such as a belt, wallet, and purse are prohibited inside the temple. Peetambara Peeth is located at a distance of 3 km from the railway station and 1 km from the bus stand. One can easily hitch a ride with the ever-present autowallas.

Bir Singh Palace

Also known as Jahangir Palace, or Gobind Palace, this wonderful example of the 17th century Indo-Islamic architecture sits on the low hills of Datia. According the Archaeological Survey of India, after performing his Suvarnatula, Maharaja Bir Singh of Orchha began the construction of the seven story palace in 1614 AD to honor the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. It took subsequent nine years to complete the construction of this massive structure. Built with stone and bricks alone, no traces of cement, iron or any other building material can be seen in this remarkable construction. The palace resembles the Swastika in shape and is adorned by four octagonal towers, with finely carved domes on top. Also known as Datia Mahal, this magnificent structure is fortified by a wall and overlooks the Karna Sagar Lake. In harmony with the Indian values such as peace, and cooperation, this palace stands as a testimony to friendship between the Maharaja and the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. For every tourist, a visit to this outstanding piece of architecture is a must. The palace is at a mere 2 km distance from the bus stand of Datia. You can either plan a ride with an Auto, a private vehicle or if you have your own vehicle, you can reach there via SH 29.

Sonagiri Temple

A place sacred to the Digambar sect among Jainism, Sonagiri literally means ‘Golden Mountain.’ Located on the road between Datia and Gwalior, this sacred place is a collection of temples on two hills. The temples date back to the 8th and the 9th century. Legend has it that King Nanganag attained salvation here, and liberated himself from the cycle of life and death along with many of his followers. The complex houses a total of 77 temples with high spires on the two hills. The main temple, also known as the 57th temple sits at the helm. Built to honor Lord Chandraprabhu, the temple houses an 11 feet tall sculpture. A column called Manastambha, which is 43 feet high, is another attraction at this site. The numerous temples, colored in brilliant white are a sight to behold against the brown hills and blue skies. Whether you are a devoted pilgrim, a meandering traveler or a photography enthusiast, a visit to the temple should be on your bucket list. Getting to Sonagiri and getting back from there could prove a little difficult if you are using public transport as it is at a distance of 14 km from Datia bus stand. But if you have a vehicle, you could hit the NH 75 towards Gwalior and take a left to the village of Sewni. If you are lost, just ask around or consult your GPS.

Unao Balaji Sun Temple

Another famous temple which you can visit in your trip to Datia is the Balaji Temple of Unao. At a distance of 17 km from the town of Unao, the Balaji temple is considered to have been built in the prehistoric times by a King of Datia. The temple is flanked by a sacred water tank. It is believed by the devotees that the water from this tank cures many ailments.Take the road to Unao from the bus stand. After about 17 km you will find the Unao village and the temple.


For the history buff in you, a trip to the village of Gujarra is a must as there you shall find the edict, or Shilalekh of Emperor Ashoka. The Shilalekh describes Ashoka as 'Devanampiyadasi', which means ‘Beloved of the Gods.’ It is an incredible piece of history that harkens to the glorious days of India during Ashoka’s empire. The village of Gujarra is about 14 km from Datia, just off the NH 75 south-east of Datia.

Badoni (Badoni Khurd)

At about 10 km from the town of Datia lies the village of Chhoti Badoni. Here you can find many Jain and Buddhist temples dating back to the Empire of the Gupta Dynasty. There several forts and structures here that exhibit the typical characteristics of the Bundeli Architecture. Please note that Badoni Khurd is different from Badoni, which is far away from Datia. Head on the north-west to SH 19, then join the NH 75. From there you could consult your GPS or ask a bystander.


Madhya Pradesh is known as the land of forests. Datia is no exception to this rule. The town of Seondha, about 70 km from Datia is situated in the vicinity of a dense forest. The Kanhargarh Fort here, built by Raja Gobind Singh attracts a high number of tourists. The Temple of ‘Ratangarh Mata’ which is surrounded by a dense forest is also a place worth visiting. Seondha is connected by road from Datia.You can take the state transport bus to Seondha or if you have a vehicle, head to the SH 19 which will take you straight to Seondha.


One of the Tehsils of Datia, Bhander offers several temples including Son Talaiya, Laxman temple and Old Fort. On way to Bhander from Datia, one can also visit the Botanical Garden, which is about 5 km from Datia on Datia – Bhander road. This garden is developed and maintained by the Forest Department and offers a glimpse into the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh.Many state transport buses run between Bhander and Datia. If you have your own vehicle, keep a map of Datia with you, as the road from Datia to Bhander involves a lot of navigating.

Other Places of Tourist Interest in Datia

Besides the other famous temples of Datia, it is worth the effort to visit Hanuman temple. It is located on a hill. The pilgrims are required to climb almost 350 steps to reach the top. Among other temples are Bhirav Temple, Laghu Brindavan, Avadh Bihari Temple, Shivgir Temple, Vijay – Raghav Temple, Gobind Temple and Bihariji Temple.

Hotels in Datia

Datia is home to many hotels and lodges. Also, tourists can stay in numerous ashrams and dharmashalas. However, for a tourist looking for a luxurious stay may want to stay either in Jhansi, about 25 km from Datia or Gwalior, which is 69 km from Datia. If you have your own vehicle, and if you want a luxurious stay, making camp in Gwalior makes perfect sense. From there, all tourist attractions in Datia are fairly close by.

Hotel Tanya Palace
Address: Tanya Palace, Pitambra Temple Road, Datia H O, Datia - 475661, Near Collector Office
Contact: +(91)-9425618990 , +(91)-9039004219

The Heritage Hotel
Address: Civil Lines, National Highway, Pitambara Mandir Road, Datia - 475661, Near Pitambra Peeth Mandir, Opposite Collectrait
Contact: +(91)-9425725110 , +(91)-8963974342 , +(91)-9406570003

Hotel Fortbeau
Address: New Pal Market, Datia H O, Datia - 475661, Near Railway Crossing
Contact: +(91)-8962166584, 7879380609

Economy in Datia

Datia lies on the Semi-arid Lava Plateau and Central Highlands. Due to infrequent and scant rainfall, most of the crops are seasonal and rain fed. Some of the common crops in Datia are Black Gram, Groundnut, Sesame, Wheat, Pea and Mustard. Among vegetables Potato, Brinjal, Tomato, Table Pea, Cauliflower, Coriander, Chilli, Garlic are common. Fruits such as Guava, Lime and Amla are grown on the irrigated land along with vegetables and wheat. Flowers such as Marigold and Rose are cultivated on irrigated land. Plantation crops include Teak, Mahua, Bans.

Profile of Datia
Economy of Datia

As far as industrial economy is concerned at present, there are 3892 industrial units in Datia with one registered as a Medium and Large unit. 8194 workers are employed in the small scale industry. Number of workers employed in the large industry is 343. Most of the industry in Datia is agro based, with its 180 units employing 567 workers. Other industries include ready-made garments and embroidery, Wood and Wooden based Furniture, Mineral based, and a large number of Repair and Servicing workshops. Cotton Products, Handloom products and Grains are the main commodities in the local markets.

Shopping in Datia

Being a town that has been part of a long history, there is no dearth of artistic goods to shop in Datia. You can head to Bada Bazar, the main shopping area of the city, where while locally made earthen pots, cloth, or gold jewelry appeal to the avid shopper, it is embroidered cloth that really attracts a lot of tourists. People from afar travel to Datia to buy extraordinarily beautiful saris, cloth and other accessories such as handkerchiefs,dupattaand bagsadorned with classic embroidery.Here are some of the retailers of embroidered saris and cloth in Datia.
Rahul Sadi Center
Address: Near AgrwalDharmsala
BihariMarg, Datia, Madhya Pradesh, 475661
Phone: +919926242481, +91 8959511963

Rangoli Saree
Addreess: Datia Bazar, Datia, KilaChowk, Datia, Madhya Pradesh, 475661
Phone: +91 9039392791

Chatumal Batumal Cloth Store
Address: Kotwali Road, Bada Bazar, Datia, Madhya Pradesh, 475661
Phone: +91 9407202940

Banks and ATMs in Datia

Running out of cash is the worst nightmare that every traveler hopes he would never have to witness. But more often than not, an unexpected purchase, a costly hotel room or simply bad planning requires you to go running around looking for an ATM. Although Datia is not a major city, you can find a few banks in Datia.

State Bank of India
Address: 182 22, Gandhi Road, Datia, Madhya Pradesh
IFSC Code: SBIN0030248
Branch Code: 030248
Phone: 07522 - 237842

State Bank of India
Address: Anand Talkies Rd., Datia, Madhya Pradesh
IFSC Code: SBIN0000358
MICR Code: 475002002
Branch Code: 000358
Phone: 07522 - 234201

Address: Opp. GohoiVatika, Near PeetambaraPeeth, Datia
IFSC Code: HDFC0001780
MICR Code: 475240002
Branch Code: 001780

Police Stations in Datia

One always prays that they don’t have to seek help of the police while they are travelling. However, considering the risks involved in travelling alone, or with your family, it is always advisable to carry phone numbers of the police stations in the vicinity. Since Datia is a relatively remote place, it is a good idea to note where you can find help from the police. In an unlikely event of theft, or other unwarranted incidents, you can ask for help at these police stations while on a visit to Datia.

Supdt. of Police, Datia
07522 233500/233501

S.D.O.(Police), Datia
07522 238091//237440

Asstt.Supdt. Jila Jail, Datia
07522 237779/233012

Transportation in Datia

Since it is major city in the region and many important trains ply to major Indian Cities through Datia (DAA), getting to Datia is not a problem. Many trains from important cities such as Mumbai, Delhi make a stop at Datia, bringing a large number of tourists and pilgrims each year.Datia lies to the south – east of Gwalior at about 69km by road. You can take the NH 75 which, after Datia also stretches towards Jhansi, which lies at about 27km from Datia. The closest airport is Gwalior, which is connected to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mubai, Cochin, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Travelers arriving to Datia can also travel in the State Transport buses which ply between Datia and the cities around.

Datia at a Glance

State: Madhya Pradesh
Division: Gwalior
District Headquarters: Datia
Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Khariboli, English
Population: 786,754
Altitude: 302 m.
Telephone / STD code: 07522
Nearest Airport: Gwalior
Nearest Railway Station: Datia

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